About the installation of bamboo skirting board

About the installation of bamboo skirting board

The information provided by the online world is so rich. Many friends and customers will have their own understandings after viewing the information online, which will lead to many misunderstandings.
Some information saying that bamboo flooring is easy to be concave, but this is not ture. VERDEE Strand Woven bamboo flooring is a new type of bamboo flooring which is harder than all of the hard wood flooring in the market right now. In addition, in different countries and regions, the installation methods and habits will be different; for example, Taiwan, China and Hong Kong will use different methods to install the floor, which may be a problem of the industry's inheritance of craftsmanship.
The installation is always related to personal handwork and the environment on site. There is no 100% perfect.
Also, the skirting boards of VERDEE Strand Woven bamboo flooring is very hard, we need to use a strong pump to knock them down with great force, which may make an obvious nails hole. It is also possible that the wall and the floor is not 100% flat in many cases, and thus we need to be filled with glue between the wall and skirting boards. After the flooring and skirting boards are installed, the position of the nail hole will be fixed.

What is the industry standard for the skirting boards installation? Standing indoor and the skirting boards should looks horizontal and the nails hold are obvious. We
will never zoom in and comment at close range.
If there is a project that requires no nail holes on the surface of the skirting boards, you can consider the following solutions:

1. Use the back-mounted skirting board
2. Use the wooden skirting board, nail it to the wall and then paint it to cover it perfectly
3. Only use nail glue to install the fskirting board, ordinary worker will not do this, the reason is that the skirting board will shift before the nail glue is dried and fixed, and the worker will not press the skirting board with both hands to dry and fix it before doing other work. It is not a realistic approach, so it has to be nailed to assist in fixing.

The skirting board can be selected from the same color and material as the floor, or wooden baseboard of the same color as the door frame. There is also a plastic or metal skirting board that can hide wires. When customers install the flooring, they can ask for a sample skirting board for reference.

** The above information is provided by ECO Full Floors - Verdee Bamboo Flooring. If you need to quote, please indicate the source **

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