Need new flooring on new house?

Need new flooring on new house?

*Update pictures before and after installation

A lot of people will be very surprised that the new house obviously comes with a brand new wooden flooring. Why so many people still want to change the flooring on their new house?

In recent years, the newly completed private housing estates will be paved with Engineered Wood Flooring (as in the picture). This type of solid wood composite floor is more prone to dents, and it is easy to penetrate into stains. The stains are difficult to clean, and there is no way to repair the dented position, so it cannot be polished and refurbished!

Experienced owners often choose to remove the original wooden composite  floor, and the simpler method is to install VOLLER Diamond RVP Flooring directly on the surface as the original wooden flooring is flat enough, so that it will not be wasted! Simple and fast, no nails and glue. The whole project can be finished in one day, easy to maintain, non-slip and safe.

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25 years of structural warranty! The only one in Hong Kong!
SGS test report to prove product safety and high stability.
Formaldehyde test - Not Detected!
Lead test - 10ppm (safer than the standard 90ppm for children's toys!)
Anti-skid test - R10 (commercial grade standard)
Thermally stable Sexuality test - less than 0.1% (better than the general acceptance standard of 0.2-0.3% for similar products)
Plasticizer phthalate testing - does not contain harmful substances such as phthalates



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