VOLLER Eco Composite Outdoor Decking - The evolution of gen 1, 2 and 3

VOLLER Eco Composite Outdoor Decking - The evolution of gen 1, 2 and 3

The more advanced and beautiful 3rd generation has been launched, simulated wood grain, no deformation, no fading, 100% waterproof.

The product is made of bamboo and wood powder mixed with grade A recyclable HDPE plastic, co-extruded into one piece, anti-UV, anti-mildew, anti-oxidation, more durable and harder. We provide 10-year structural maintenance.

More importantly, it is different with the hollow design of the 1st and 2nd generation, and is made in the shape of an arch bridge. The 3rd gen eco composite decking taking into account the consideration of cost control and quality stability; it is also easier to hide the wire under the decking due to the arch bridge design.

Reference picture: The 1st generation of square hollow plastic wooden floor: the lowest price, the surface wood grain is hot pressed, and the wood grain will fade after long-time exposure.

The circle hollow is the 2nd gen VOLLER Eco composite decking: it is made of embossed wood grain, it is more textured and more beautiful.
The price range of the above products is $28-50/sq.ft.

Solid composite decking is usually used in places with high load-bearing requirements. Manufacturers with different formulas can make exactly the same products, but the quality is also very different. Brand and price are the quality consideration condition. Product information of the 3rd gen eco composite decking is introduced in another article.

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The 1st gen ECO composite decking

The 2nd gen ECO composite decking
The 3rd gen ECO composite decking

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